Boost your brain to be fresh in the morning for a good brain and good memory

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How to boost your brain to be fresh in the morning is an important thing that may help your brain stay awake. animated and ready for various activities throughout the day because sometimes after waking up The brain may not work fully yet. Therefore, it may cause some health signs such as fatigue, fatigue, and inability to concentrate , which may result in decreased efficiency in working, studying, or doing various activities.

The brain is an organ in the human and animal body that is an important part of the nervous system. It is responsible for controlling and adjusting various body systems such as thinking, feeling, learning, and controlling muscles. And many other functions in our body This is in addition to eating food to nourish our brain. There are also good that help brains work better. ยูฟ่าเบท will tell you about ways to be ready for work all day, which are as follows.

Drink water: Drinking about 1–2 glasses of water after waking up It is another important way to boost your brain. This is because the body may lose water during sleep. If the water level in the body decreases. It may affect brain function such as mood swings, inability to concentrate, and problems with memory.  

Drink chicken essence soup: Drinking chicken broth in the morning is a quick and easy way to boost your brain. Suitable for those who don’t have time to eat breakfast. or have certain health problems such as bloating and indigestion.

This is because chicken soup extract can be easily absorbed into the body. Especially when drinking in the morning. This may result in the body being able to extract nutrients or benefits from chicken soup throughout the day. In addition, chicken soup contains carnosine, which has many benefits for the body. Such as nourishing the brain, nourishing the body, and enhancing memory. 

Exercise: One good way to boost your brain is to exercise in the morning. Which in addition to helping nourish the body to be strong Exercise in various forms such as dancing, walking, jogging. At least 30 minutes a day may also help increase blood flow to the brain. And helps boost the brain to remember better Be more focused It may also help improve your mood. And wake up from sleepiness or exhaustion in the morning as well.

Go out and get some sunshine: Exposure to sunlight In the morning. It may stimulate the brain to release a chemical called serotonin, which helps you feel more energized and more focused. The brain’s release of serotonin may help keep both the brain and body alert. Ready for more work.

Take a cold shower: Many people may not yet know that Taking a cold shower is one of A brain boosting method. That everyone can easily do because taking a cold shower stimulates blood flow to various parts of the body. Good blood flow helps oxygenate the blood to flow throughout the body. get more 

Taking a cold shower may help you feel refreshed. Reduce symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion of the body. It may also stimulate the brain to release endorphins. Which is a hormone that helps you feel good, alert and more energetic as well.

Eat breakfast: Normally, our body has blood glucose as its main source of energy. Which comes from eating food But while we are sleeping, there is no food entering the body. Therefore, it may cause the body to use the accumulated glucose. Causing the blood glucose level to decrease and may not be sufficient for brain function.

Therefore, eating breakfast can help increase energy for the brain. Helps the brain to stay alert, concentrate, and increase learning efficiency. Ready to work all day and enhance memory as well In the morning, you should eat nutritious food. And is rich in important nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, and fruits.