Numb hands, numb fingertips, of health problems to watch out for.

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Numb hands, the most common cause is compress nerves (compressive neuropathy). If you can’t imagine that, think of times when you sit on your legs for long periods of time. The nerves will also be compress. cause numbness or a tuck appears at the tip of the leg and foot.

The cause of the numbness of the hand is a compress nerve. This is cause by the nerves traveling to the hand having to pass through a narrow channel. In this area, the nerves are at risk of being compress or squeeze by neighbors such as tendons or fascia. 

By pressing that It can occur from moving and using that part repeatedly or staying in the same position for a long time. These activities are very ordinary activities in daily life, such as writing a book, doing housework, using the computer, cooking, UFABET, kneading bread, gardening, etc.

The degree of hand numbness ranges from slight to It doesn’t disturb our lives much. Until the hand is numb all the time In addition to numbness It is also often found that there is a sharp pain or a dull ache, which is a characteristic of neuropathic pain. 

Numbness in the body can indicate what disease.

  • Numbness of only the thumb, index finger, middle finger and half of the ring finger: (The hemisphere adjacent to the middle finger) may be a sign of a pinch nerve in the hand. This is because the tendon membrane in the space under the hand bone is swollen. Or the hand bone has grown causing the space under the hand bone to become narrow. Blood doesn’t flow easily. Or it may be cause by degeneration of the fascia. and thicken
  • Numbness of the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and hand pain may occur. The pain spreads to the arm: It may mean a sign of a carpal tunnel syndrome. It is cause by using the hand in a tense manner for a long time in the same position. Such as holding a knife, scissors, hair dryer, or computer. There is often pain at night or when waking up in the morning.
  • Numbness in little finger: It may be cause by a nerve in the armpit that extends to the little finger. Cause by bending and straining the elbow while lifting things for a long time.
  • The forefinger between the thumb and index finger is numb: It may be cause by a pinch nerve in the upper arm. It is recommend to change your sitting position frequently and avoid resting your arms on the back of your chair.
  • The whole area was numb, from the arm down to the fingers: It may be cause by degeneration of the cervical spine and pressure on the nerves. Which should immediately see a doctor
  • Numbness in the back of the foot extending to the shin: But there was no numbness in the hands. It may be cause by sitting cross-legge, cross-legge, or crouched for a long time. Which may cause the nerves under the outer knee to be compress to the point where blood flow is difficult.
  • Numbness in the entire foot and all the way to the hip: It may be cause by a herniat disc pressing on a nerve.
  • Numbness that begins in the toes, soles, and fingertips. And spreads up to the ankles, knees, and body: is a symptom that often occurs among people who drink large amounts of alcohol. Due to the effect of alcohol, it destroys many nerves.
  • Numb feet and hands: May be cause by peripheral neuropathy or degeneration. Or vitamin B1, B6, or B12 deficiency, which may be cause by kidney disease, cancer, and drugs or toxins, etc.
  • Almost every fingertip is numb: But there is no numbness in the toes. And is usually numb at night or before bedtime It may be cause by using your hands too hard. Such as riding a motorcycle continuously for a long time or playing on the phone often for long periods of time. Which can cause the ligaments to compress the nerves in the wrist.
  • Numbness in the little finger, ring finger, and side of the palm (ridge of the hand): can be cause by a pinch nerve in the elbow. It makes blood flow uncomfortable. You should change your sitting or lying position to avoid such numbness.