Food for people with diabetes How to choose?

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Many people may think that diabetes requires only sugar control. But in reality People with diabetes need to control other nutrients. As well in order to reduce the risk of complications and other chronic diseases that may occur as a result. The method of choosing food for people with diabetes can be done as follows.

1. Always read the nutrition labels of food and products.

Reading product nutritional labels is a simple step that can make life easier for people with diabetes. The main thing that should be noted is the amount of carbohydrates or starch and sugar in that food. The appropriate amount may vary from person to person. The doctor will help recommend a safe amount of nutrients. UFABET In addition to carbohydrates Nutrients or other additives should be observed to be at a level that is not excessive. such as the amount of sodium, fat, and energy because diabetics are often at higher risk of certain diseases than the general population.

Another important thing in reading labels is the serving size (Serving Size), which determines the nutrients contained in the nutrition label per serving. The serving size will help you divide your intake appropriately. Additionally, you should consider other beneficial nutrients such as protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are necessary for the body.

2. Understand sugar-free foods

Low-sugar and no-sugar products are suitable options for people with diabetes. But some brands of products may list sugar in the name or other substances. such as starch or carbohydrates instead Including products that use sweeteners instead of sugar (Sweetener), most of these products claim to be non-caloric substances. But the reality is These substances may provide energy to the body. Just give it in small amounts. Because of this, many people are misunderstood or confused about low- or no-sugar foods. People with diabetes should study the form or type of sugar. To help the body get the right amount of sugar and energy.

3. Get to know low GI foods.

GI stands for Glycymic Index or glycemic index.  It is an estimate of the speed at which blood sugar levels increase after eating each type of food. Can be divide into 3 levels: high, medium and low with each type of food having a different GI value. If food is for people with diabetes, it should be food with a low GI value to help sugar levels gradually increase after eating. This may help prevent hyperglycemia Until causing complications that are dangerous to patients with this disease