Get to know the pattern of lottery betting, catch 3 ki ki

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Get to know the pattern of lottery betting, catch 3 ki ki.

If you are wondering how to play the lottery. How to play UFABET and what kind of lottery betting patterns? Let you look at the two-digit lottery because there are all the same methods, rules and betting patterns. In the form of lottery betting, catching 3 ki ki, are as follows:

1.3 top

For those who are wondering how the top 3 numbers, how to play, can use a simple way to see the results is to look at the last 3 numbers of the prize result. These 3 numbers will call 3 upper numbers or 3 straight numbers. That is, when you buy a number, it must match every prize result. For example, if the result is 814, you have to buy 814 as well in order to win the prize.

2.3 Toad

For the 3 numbers toad. The results of the top 3 numbers will drawn as well. But it is different in that the 3 digit numbers do not need to be 3 numbers that match the prize numbers. Just provide the numbers within the set of all 3 prize numbers. But they can swap. For example, if the result is 814 and you buy 418, 148 or 841, you can also receive the prize money.

3. Running number

For the running numbers in the lottery, picking 3 digits will be the top 3 running numbers format where you can buy any number from 1 to 3 digits, but buying lottery tickets will only buy 1 at a time. If the exact number you bought matches the prize result, one of them will consider a winner. For example, if the prize is 814 and you buy a single number as 1, 4 or 8, it will consider. That you won the top 3 running prizes.

Including lottery betting patterns that newbies may not yet know how to catch Yi Ki

  • Betting on 2 upper-bottom numbers is buying only 2 numbers and is identified as upper or lower numbers. When the winning result comes out exactly as you bought it. It will consider a winning bet.
  • Betting on 2 numbers running top-bottom Is to buy running number. That identified as upper or lower numbers, only 2 numbers. Which if the prize result comes out exactly as you bought it, it will win the prize immediately.
  • Bet on 19 goals is to choose 19 numbers, based on only 1 main number, then use other numbers and buy all 19 numbers. Just as you can win up to 19 numbers in a great value.