Poker techniques and poker rules that you should understand

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Poker techniques and poker rules that you should understand.

Pokdeng is a popular card game that everyone chooses to play. Because most of them already have the basics in playing. So let’s take a look at UFABET that. What are the poker techniques that are related to the rules of playing?

  1. face value in the game of bounce It’s one thing you have to learn, that is, 10 , J , Q , K equals 0, A equals 1, and numbers 2-9 have the same points as they are on the face of the cards.
  2. Rules for playing poker bounce Everyone already knows how to score cards with a total of 9 or close to 9. You’ll need to consider that. If you get this Will you ask for more cards, etc.
  3. For playing Pok Deng, it can start as follows. Players or players can place bets as they want, but not more than the dealer’s limit. But if there is no schedule, you can play to the fullest. After that, the dealer will deal 2 cards to everyone each. If anyone gets Pok, they will show their cards immediately. Whoever does not pok, will count the points according to the positive result of the cards and continue playing. If the dealer pokes, the game is over. The dealer will measure the points with the players But if the dealer has not yet poke. The hand has the right to call the 3rd card before the score is measure. After the score is measure the dealer must pay the winner. And the loser has to pay the dealer.
  4. As for the measurement of winning and losing, there are several types, that is, in the case of measuring the scores. Sorted from Pok 9 (2 bounces), Pok 9, Pok 8 (2 bounces), and finally Pok 8. If the points of the cards are the same. The cards will be arranged as follows, starting from Tong to State Flat. Later on as cards. sort until the yellow card and the final point. If it is a must, must be measured at the card result starting from KQJ 10 6 5 and A and finally Sort or State cards It is measured by the flowers of the cards, that is, spades, hearts, diamonds, and finally clubs.

This is the technique of poker cards and the basic rules that you should know. And one thing you will need to learn is how to draw cards. Which is different between the Player and the Banker. So let’s look at how the cards drawn.