Techniques of poker and the principle of drawing cards

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Techniques of poker and the principle of drawing cards of the dealer and the player.

Once you’ve learned the general principles of drawing cards. You’ll need to understand how the dealer and the player draw cards, as they have slightly different rules.

  • For players, if the total of 2 cards is only 4, you must draw. Whether the cards bounce or not. If the total card has 5 points and the card does not bounce like this should draw. But if it bounces, you have to see if there are cards in order or not. If there is a chance that the cards will arrange. Even if the card has bounce. Can win both sequential and straight flush cards, but if there is no sequential win and the cards bounce. This should not be drawn. But if 2 card points total 6-7 points like this, you don’t have to draw. because it is consider. That the cards are likely to fall over the dealer
  • for the dealer If you have a total of 2 cards of 4-5 points. You choose to measure the points with the player who has 3 cards first. If you have a total of 2 cards in your hand that are 4-5, but there is no bounce, you must draw. instant cards But if you have a card of 6 and it bounces, you shouldn’t ask for more draws. Whether there is a chance of winning in the arrangement of the cards or not, but if there are 6 points and the cards do not bounce, do not draw, but if there is a chance of winning in the arrangement of the cards, you should draw, but if there are 7 points in your hand, you shouldn’t draw more

The matter of drawing this card You can adjust according to the situation. Depending on how many players in that round You will need to note what number the previous friend’s card is. Because most of them tend to issue the same points in a row,
you can see that the technique of poker in this part of drawing cards It is important that you learn. Because it allows you to play pong effectively. This gives you more chances to win. For some people who still don’t know. This technique of poker will help you to play the game successfully or not. We will look at it so. That you can pay more attention to playing techniques UFABET.