Aston Villa 0-2 Chelsea: Collecting issues after the Premier League game

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Aston Villa 0-2 Chelsea: Collecting issues after the Premier League game.

Villa Madi but Kepa is better

This game, especially at the beginning of the game. Has to said that the host Aston Villa play terrifying. Especially in the attacking game. That ended up getting many chances. Which is partly from the mistake of the Chelsea defense that today is quite the wrong form. But there is someone who can break out the form that is Kepa Arrizabalaga. 

The goalkeeper who had almost lost his future with the team but still worked hard until he came back to take the first hand again. Which today he proved that the subject is still worthy of the position of the most expensive goalkeeper in the world, especially Danny Ings’ pointless kick that anyone can see that he can’t survive, but Kepa can save it. miracle It is unlikely that with this kind of work, there may be a chance to be the number one for the fierce Bull army in the World Cup at the end of this year.

Shoot like Ronaldo style.

One of Mason Mount’s stunning goals today came in the 65th minute from a free-kick in front of the box where the England playmaker killed the ball under the crossbar. We haven’t seen many shots in this style of free-kicks from Chelsea since the end of David Luiz. “I will use Ronaldo’s way of shooting,” Which must be said. That it’s like a copycat that has it all.

Potter talks about Reece James

This game, one of Chelsea’s main players who are missing is Reece James, a good right-back who is in good form, but in the end unfortunately suffered a knee injury that required a long break. Many parties expecte to miss the World Cup after the game. Chelsea manager Graham Potter said on this issue. “For the World Cup I really don’t know, which depends on how quickly he heals. But I’m sure James will committed to the summons. We try to give the players as much rest as possible. However, for James, everyone in the squad is here to help and support him back on the pitch as quickly as possible.”