Boss Espanyol believes the referee contributed to the relegation of the team.

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Luis Garcia Fernandez believes the referee’s mistakes played a part in making Espanyol football team the second team to be relegated behind Elche.

Espanyol coach Luis Garcia Fernandez said after his relegation to the Segunda stage behind Elche. Partly due to unfair judgment from the black shirt as well. According to a report from Mundo Deportivo on Monday. 

‘Espanyol was not relegated just because of these decisions. But it’s true they did in the last two games, we can’t keep quiet or hide it.’ UFABET

‘I was the first to be wrong, this is sport and it is. Everyone makes mistakes and has a right to do so. Now, the situation last Wednesday. It’s unbelievable that this could happen in one of the best leagues in the world.’

These perceived injustices came just days after Atletico Madrid scored as a VAR review of Antoine Griezmann’s second goal confirmed that. The ball has crossed the goal line.

‘And about today, Braithwaite’s foul, anyone who plays football knows when you’re touched at full speed. It will throw you off balance. and a foul. But Cesar Montes’ second goal was even more incredible to me. He jumped cleanly. Win a duel with the goalkeeper’