Collymore has pointed to Arsenal’s chances of competing for the Premier League

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Collymore has pointed to Arsenal chances of competing for the Premier League title with Manchester City this season.

Stan Collymore believes Arsenal will not able to stand the same distance in the Premier League title race with Manchester City as Liverpool did last season. According to UFABET.

Mikel Arteta is leading the Gunners Doing an excellent job by being the leader of the elite city league now. This has led some fans to believe they are vying for the first top-flight title since 2004.

Collymore, however, believes that for any team to win the Premier League, they have to prove themselves consistent. Just as Liverpool and Manchester City have done before.

“I can understand why some fans are excited to see what Arsenal do now. But there’s no way they’ve performed as well in 38 games as we’ve seen at Liverpool and Manchester. City did it last season, no way,” said the former Reds striker.

After the game Mikel Arteta Arsenal manager. Interviewed that staying top of the Premier League after the first 10 matches is not a coincidence and identified 3 important factors: “This is a very exciting game. The visit here is really intense. We did great in the first half. And should be leading 2 goals or 3 goals as well, but we have to give credit to Leeds in the second half as well. And we’ve made many mistakes ourselves. We didn’t create a situation where the game could be controlled.”