Cut a player grade Liverpool-Man City Premier League game on Sunday

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Cut a player grade LiverpoolMan City Premier League game on Sunday.

Player ratings from both teams


Alisson Becker – 8
had to make several saves to help the team in this game, plus one assist from a long opening for Salah to score the winner as well.

Virgil van Dijk – 8
returns to good form Waiting for the last sweep. There beautiful shots of the ball to seen throughout the game.

Joe Gomez – 7
paired up quite well with Van Dijk. Despite having some looseness. But overall, it is consider to deal with Haland well. There are some beautiful long ball strokes.

James Milner – 7
has started at right-back. It takes the experience and diligence to deal with the agility of City’s offensive line well.

Andy Robertson – 7
heavy defensive roles But he was able to deal with Cancelo who had to fight each other throughout the game with a fist.

Fabinho – 7
keeps connecting the ball from back to front. Liverpool And keep cutting the game, breaking the rhythm in the counterattack of Manchester City

Thiago Alcantara – 7
controls the rhythm of the midfield game. Keep transporting the ball forward. There is a time to cut the game to help the team many times.

Harvey Elliott – 7
coordinates the game between the midfielder and the striker. go with the ball well But the last moment is still not decisive enough.

Diogo Jota – 7
had some chances to play with the ball. Total holds a golden opportunity from at least two clear headings. but still not doing well enough

Mo Salah – 8
stood hanging with the last defender and used his counter-attack speed for two solo duels. before turning into a winning goal for the team in the end

Roberto Firmino – 7
backs down to stand low to link the game. After the last two weeks doing good work. But today I haven’t had the opportunity to do anything very good.

Manchester City

Ederson – 7
had some nice saves, especially Salah’s solo slip that narrowly saved the team. As for the ball that loses the goal, it can really call out of rights.

Ruben Dias – 7,
standing as the last Dealing with the agility of the Liverpool forward line well. But there are some minor mistakes to be seen.

Manuel Akanyi – 6
Who served as a centre-back alongside Dias, had quite a strong tackle. Although there are some cadences, but overall it is considered standard.

Nathan Ake – 6
has been stationed at left-back. There are not many offensive opportunities. But it helps to coordinate well in the defensive game. Despite the rhythm of the position to some extent.

Joao Cancelo – 5
Most of the roles are high-attacking additions. But it still creates not many opportunities for the team. Plus, the defensive game also made a huge mistake that the team had to concede and lose.

Rodri – 6
coordinates the game and intercepts the ball in midfield. Matches with compatriot Thiago throughout the game.

Ilkay Gundogan – 6
had many chances to fill up to go on the ball with friends in the penalty area. But still not good enough to penetrate dangerous areas.

Kevin De Bruyne – 7
looks to remain hopeful of City’s passing, which today, although not as dominant as it should be, has seen several good shots into the penalty area.

Bernardo Silva – 7
heavy roles in midfield and had to come down to help the game. Which is good Had a chance to try to look in front of the penalty area. But still not hit the target.

Phil Foden – 6
had a shot in the shot. But was fouled first. Today went well with the ball. But seems to play too much, causing the team to miss the opportunity to finish

Erling Haaland – 6
despite no score in this game. But the subject proved dangerous in the last area. It’s a pity that today couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity.