Emery remains tight-lipped and refuses to talk about the title challenge.

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Aston Villa manager Unai Emery refuses to talk about Premier League title challengers. Even though they just exploded in form. Defeating Arsenal 1-0, trailing Liverpool, the leader team by only 2 points.

“Happy. I am very happy. It was a difficult game and we are tired. But we started the game well. They show their position on the field. But our goalkeeper was amazing.”UFABET

“We tried to defend and hold the ball longer than we normally could. It was a great three points in a difficult week. We have to be happy but we also have to maintain a balance.”

As for winning 15 consecutive Premier League matches at Villa Park: “I’ve never had success like this before. And I may not be able to do it again in the future. But we have to try to understand that we compete well. And the next challenge is Sheffield United. It will be another difficult game.” Emery said

“Villa Park has been great with our supporters. and how they support us.”

For ambitions to win a possible championship “I’ll say it again when we’re at 30-32 and if we’re in the same position as we are now. Maybe I can talk about it.”

“At the start we were not challengers. It’s only game 16, we’re in the top four. And to try to maintain it, it’s difficult. We’re not as strong as we were when we were here.”