Frank is ready to welcome ‘Eriksen’ back to the Beehive.

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Brentford boss Thomas Frank is ready to welcome Danish national midfielder Christian Eriksen back to play with the club.

The 31-year-old midfielder is currently second choice at Old Trafford, although last season he was a key player for the team. It is reported that Galatasaray wants him on loan with an option to buy the player outright.

When asked about Eriksen, who left the “Destroyer Bee” to join the Manchester team. United in 2022, Frank said in an interview: ทางเข้า

Eriksen graduated from the Ajax academy in 2010, playing 113 times for the senior squad. As such, he is well-versed in the Cruyffian principles all Ajax products have drilled into them during their footballing education at the club.

Eriksen had initially joined Brentford in January 2022 on a six-month contract.

The midfielder’s previous contract at Inter Milan had been terminated owing to rules banning players who use implantable cardioverter-defibrillators. Eriksen was fitted with one following his cardiac arrest on the pitch when playing for Denmark against Iceland during Euro 2020. This rule does not exist in the Premier League.

“He will always be welcome back! Christians will always be welcome.”

“I think he knows that too. And we know he had a great time here. “

I understand very well why he chose to move to United then. And I’ve said it to the media.”

“I also think he’s done a good job. Obviously he had an injury for a while before Christmas but if Christian wants him he is very welcome here.”