Rio reveals the difference between Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United Jadon Sancho

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Rio reveals the difference between Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United Jadon Sancho.

English legend Rio Ferdinand has expressed concern over Jadon Sancho’s performance with Manchester United in the English Premier League. That contrasts with what he was to do with Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga. The past the 22-year-old was recently drop from Eric Ten Hag in the latest game.

That the Red Devils defeated Everton 2-1 on Sunday night ago. After being referred to unable to perform well in their 6-3 defeat. Against Manchester City last weekend. Sancho still spent just 45 minutes on the field despite starting in the starting XI. They beat Omonia Nicosia 3-2 in the UEFA Europa League in midweek.

By Ferdinand commented on Sancho’s form via his own YouTube channel FIVE that “I haven’t seen his form like I did in the Bundesliga, that’s what worries me, if I was Jadon Sancho or in the same training camp as him I would have found a way. to bring back his good form His form has made him a rising star across Europe.”

“His numbers in Germany are excellent. He created a miracle there. But so far we haven’t seen such form in the Premier League, I don’t know why. Or what is the cause? It might be the way the team plays. Or is it because of the speed of the Premier League?”

“Or maybe it was because he had use up all his defensive strength. He didn’t have enough momentum. When the team transitioned from defensive to attacking. His assists and goals stats also behind his teammates in the same position.”

“We have given him the opportunity to adapt to the league. He has a full season with the team. And the performance from last pre-season makes me think we’ll see Sancho. He did at Dortmund. He’s shown that against Liverpool and Leicester ( scores goals)

“But sometimes he’s not in good form. Even did not get the opportunity to enter the field even We can see that he is a hard worker. But a player like him is the type. Who always wants to have the ball in his possession. He wanted to show off his skills. slither past competitors. The type that can cut into short clips on Instagram.”

“But he still can’t break that skill to see. Maybe if he could, it could put an end to the issues we were talking about. If he shoots and gets more assists Get more involved with the game Cool finish. I would love to see a version of Sancho. That we’re crazy about him at the Euros. because so far I haven’t seen him in that form.”