Ter Stegen reveals hesitation about salary.

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Marc-Andre ter Stegen has revealed he still needs to talk to the club about another wage cut this summer. Barcelona‘s German goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen has revealed. He is reluctant to discuss a wage cut this summer. With the Azulgrana once again focusing on a tumultuous transfer window after the season. According to ‘Diario Sport’ on Monday. 

Barcelona have asked their players to take wage cuts over the past few seasons. To help clubs that are struggling financially in being able to open up their salary cap areas. Including player registrations. including signing contracts with new players UFABET

When asked about wage cuts this summer because Barcelona still want to improve the team again The German goalkeeper replied that he was always available to speak to the club. 

‘The club and I have always had a very open and straightforward relationship. They know that we are always open to discussing and expressing our opinions about things. And we’ve done it in the past. All this was not because of that. but because in the end The feeling I have is that we have tried so hard.’

‘I think the club is in the current situation. And I think it’s a moment of reflection. in the end Whether it’s me or anyone else everything that is going to be decided from now on or who are looking at each other in the past few years being examined Everyone looks at things again and a change has to happen one way or another.’