York defends “Rashford” people make mistakes

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Dwight Yorke, former three-time Manchester United striker, defends Marcus Rashford for his drunken behavior and not reporting to training. and pointed out that he was a player worthy of keeping with the team.

Previously, Rashford had a night out in Belfast during his scheduled holiday before going on until the morning of another training day. The team in which he has requested sick leave He later accepted the sentence. and had the opportunity to return to the field Before scoring a goal in a game at the agency Beating Wolves 4-3,

“I don’t blame his behavior. We all go there as players. I myself have made mistakes in the past. Which is something you have to learn. “

In my opinion He is Manchester United’s most valuable asset. ” โปรโมชั่น ufabet

When I went there for coaching training, I saw him and observed him for two weeks at Manchester United. This guy is a guy for the team – something I saw up close. As far as the way he trains and what he does,

I think last season was where his mind should be. This season, when we expect him to continue. It’s become a bit of a challenge.”

“If I were a team manager He’s someone I want to be around every week because he’s that good.”